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Deciding to get solar for your home or business? This can be quite daunting with new terminology and technical jargon that can make it even more confusing. Not to mention all the horror stories of incorrectly installed solar systems causing fires. Don’t take chances and take the stress out of the whole process; KTM Solutions are accredited solar expert electricians.

We can help with all your solar needs from designing the perfect system for your home or business, to installing this system or repairing an existing solar system. We offer solar services throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the Gold Coast.


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    All your solar needs

    Solar Installers

    With rising electricity bills, it makes sense to look at getting a solar system to offset your power usage. At KTM Solutions our solar installation team will help you design the perfect solar system for your needs and then install it to the highest standard; ensuring it is safe and running efficiently. Being a family business, we only use solar parts that we would use on our own home.

    Solar Repairs

    There is no point in spending money on having a solar system installed if it isn’t running as efficiently and providing the amount of power it should be. So if you’ve noticed your readings aren’t as good as they were at the beginning, get a qualified solar expert to have a look. At KTM Solutions, our solar technicians can help repair all parts of your solar system, including:

    • Solar inverter repair or replacement
    • Solar panel repair or replacement
    • Solar panel fastenings
    • Cabling and isolation switches

    Solar Batteries

    With the drop in feed in tariffs, the logical next step is to install solar batteries. These will not only allow you to use the power generated during the day at night; but also act as a backup when there is a power blackout. With the advances in battery technology, the decision on getting a solar battery is getting easier to make. Talk to one of our Solar Technicians about the benefits of a solar battery and what your options are.

    Solar Maintenance

    It’s a fact that solar systems become less efficient as the get older. This could be due to something as simple as dirty solar panels or maybe a broken or poorly performing panel or inverter. Solar systems shouldn’t be something you get and forget about. You should have your solar system inspected and any identified issues fixed regularly. Our recommendation is to have an annual solar maintenance plan

    Solar Panels

    Solar systems all start with the solar panel. How many solar panels do you need and what brand will be most efficient and long-lasting. Our Solar technicians will look at your roof space, ask about what you are wanting out of a solar system and help you decide on the best solar panels for your system. They will then professionally install them to a high standard.

    Solar Inverters

    A solar system is only as good as the solar inverter you use. There are many examples of homes and businesses with perfectly fine solar panels, but with a cheap, inefficient solar inverter. Why spend your money on a solar system only to have it generating less than it should be due to the solar inverter. If you don’t think your system is generating what it should, get a KTM Solutions solar technician out to have a look.

    Commercial Solar

    With rising energy costs, it makes sense for business to look at installing solar systems. Not to mention some of the government rebates to encourage businesses to install solar systems. However, it is important to understand that commercial solar is a bit different to residential solar. The obvious difference is that you generally use more electricity so need larger systems than your average home. This means more solar panels and solar inverters that can handle the increased power production. KTM Solutions has been providing solar systems to businesses for as long as we’ve been doing solar.

    Get Solar Power on your home or business today

    Contact a KTM Solutions solar technician today on 07 3813 0067, or complete our online enquiry form, to find out more about your solar options. We can help with all your solar needs, from solar design, installation, maintenance and repair.

    We service areas throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the Gold Coast. Our solar technicians are all fully qualified and we are accredited with the Clean Energy Council.

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