Switchboard Upgrade

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Switchboard upgrade, installation & repairs

Is your switchboard playing up with flickering lights and unexplained tripping? Maybe you need a circuit installed for a new air conditioner or EV charging station.

KTM Solutions have team of qualified and licenced electricians servicing the Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and Gold Coast areas.

Switchboard Upgrade

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    When do I need a switchboard upgrade?

    Switchboards will generally last a good few years, but that is not an indication of when you need a home switchboard upgrade. Old homes typically still use HRC fuses or circuit breakers, but changes in technology have required most new homes and old homes to have RCDs (Residual Current Protection Devices).

    If you live in an older home and you do not have RCDs installed in your switchboard, you should seriously consider installing them to accommodate appliances, computers, and higher energy draws. Further, if your current switchboard is warm to the touch, smells funny, or trips regularly or your lights flicker, your appliances are running at full capacity, you may need a new electrical panel.

    While every home is different, our expert electricians at KTM Solutions have seen it all. If you feel it is time for a switchboard upgrade, or aren’t sure but want us to take a look, give us a call today. We pride ourselves on both the final product and affordability of our custom home electrical renovations.

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    KTM Solutions have a team of electricians servicing the Ipswich, Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast areas. So if you need a new switchboard or new circuits added to an existing switchboard, look no further!

    Give our friendly team a call on 07 3813 0067, or complete our online enquiry form, and rest assured it will be done to the highest standard.

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