Solar Repair

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Why spend money on having a solar system installed if it isn’t working as efficiently as it should be. Don’t put up with solar system that is always throwing error codes or not generating the amount of power it’s meant to.

KTM Solutions team of solar techs can work through your entire solar system to identify issues and fix any problems. Whether it’s the inverter, panels or connections and switches.

Solar Repair

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    Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance

    Your solar system starts with the solar panels. Your panels become dirty or can be damaged by hail storms etc. This will prevent your panels from being as efficient as they were designed to be. Our solar technicians will check all your panels for both efficiency and heat output to ensure they are both safe and working as they should be. If they identify any problem panels they can replace them.

    Solar Inverter Repairs and Replacement

    It doesn’t matter how good your solar panels are, if your solar inverter isn’t working as it should be they are just sun reflectors.

    Signs your solar inverter needs repair


    Solar power inverters usually display a green light during the day to indicate they’re working optimally. The light then switches to red when it enters ‘sleep mode’ at night. But if your solar inverter’s light goes red during the day, it’s likely experiencing a fault.If there’s no light display at all, then that’s a surefire sign that something’s wrong. In this situation, the device requires immediate attention from an experienced solar electrician.


    When your displays an error code, you’ll need to call a specialist. This goes for many more situations when a solar inverter diagnosis isn’t straightforward and a trained electrician is essential in discerning the problem.

    Book a Solar Repair expert

    If your solar system ever goes dark, it pays to have an expert. Solar specialists from KTM Solutions can diagnose faulty solar panels and inverter performance issues – so you can get it running at maximum efficiency quickly.

    We are Accredited Master Electricians and all of our employees are qualified and licenced in all electrical services, and regular training is carried out to stay compliant with the Australian Standards and be able to carry out works at a high level.

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